Some Sneaky Ways to Cheat At Slots

Cheat At Slots

Most of us believe that winning at slot machines is purely a game of chance. And in all honesty, slot machines do run on odds and chances owing to the fact that the outcomes are determined by random number generators. But then there are a few people who have understood the mechanics of these random number generators and used the information to their favour. It is important to remember that it is not always a great idea to sneak around slot machines and cheat while playing at them. This only violates the rubrics of the casinos and takes away the chances of winning from people who play fairly. The article sheds light on some of the ways in which people usually cheat at slots so that you can be aware of the nuisance and take action accordingly.

Following a Cheat Code:

Like we already mentioned at the beginning of the article that there are people who get to know the mechanics of the game and use the information to cheat at the slots. So there are people who can get to the cheat code of how the slot machines function and follow the code to formulate their winning scheme.

Using Shaved Coins:

Electronic slot machines function way differently than the manual ones, and this is also how electronic slot machines are easier to be tampered with. The ones who cheat usually use shaved coins that tease the optic sensors of the slot machines, thus, making it easier to win the rewards.

Using Fake Coins:

Fake coins, just like the shaved coins, are manipulative and are fashioned in a way that would always get the player to win at the games. This is one of the most popular ways that cheats use to win the jackpot.

Using Magnets:

Magnets can severely tamper with the sensory parts of the slot machine, and that is enough to get the coins ringing to your favour. Cheats use magnets because they can be easily gotten inside the premises and sneaked into the machines.

Using a Yo-Yo:

This is a classic way of cheating at the slot machine because the strings that are attached to the Yo-Yo can be swung into the machine to trigger the game and bring back impressive results. However, this way has become quite a redundant one these days, and people do not really choose the technique of Yo-Yo over other technologically advanced ones.


It is always advisable to be aware of the ways in which one can cheat at the slot games so that you can be wary of these people and act as a responsible citizen while having your share of fun at one or more of the slot machines.