Slot Machines Types in 2020

Slot Machines Types

Slot machines happen to be the unique selling point of a casino. No matter how many variations of card and table games you find in a casino, people would always try their luck in a slot machine before playing anything else. Much of it has got to do with the convenience that these machines come with. Playing these slots are quite easy, and one does not have to break their heads and pore over the rules. Plus, everyone wants to hit the jackpot and playing on slots is one of the best ways to do so. However, on closer examination of these machines, you would find that they come in different types. The difference might not be ostensibly visible to us, but they are what that makes for the variations in slot machines. With this view in mind, we shall look into the different types of slot machines that we have around the corner, especially in 2020.

Based on the Denominations:

One of the easiest ways of categorization of slot machines is on the basis of denominations. Slot machines allow you to play with pennies as well as dollars depending on their format. Some of the most common types of denominations are pennies, nickels, quarters, dollars and high limit. It is important to understand that not every type of slot machines would accept all of the types of denominations. Therefore, before playing on them, it is crucial that you understand the kind of denomination that the machines would accept.

Based on the Number of Reels:

Majority of the slot machines have three reels on them; but slot machines these days have gone out of their ways to include five reels. Initially, reels would be in the form of a metal hoop; however, with the development of technology, reels are now found on the video screens on the machines. The three-reel slot machines are considered to be the classic type of slot machines, even to this day, but for the sake of including more fun and innovation, slot machines have also gone beyond five reels at several casinos.

Based on the Types of Games:

Slot machines can also be categorized on the type of games they have to offer to their loyal customers. The games keep evolving and changing with the growing needs of the section of people who like indulging in casino games. It has been observed that casino games have grown from basic three-reel games to the more interesting ones that have exciting animation features. A few slot games that might pique your interest are classic slots, fruit machines, video slots, 3D slots and the like.


There are several slot machines that can be found in casinos and that one might want to learn about. Awareness of the type of slot machines can help you choose the right ones for you and tweak your chances of winning a fair hand in the games.