Foxin Slots Gaming Review

Foxin Slots is a phenomenal slots game designed by a company called Nextgen Gaming. The game is oriented with 5 reels and 25 pay lines and allows players to win in several ways through an abundance of combinations.

The theme of the games is surrounded by a noble fox who is attempting to catch the antagonistic mischievous leprechaun. Foxin wins have a superb systematic approach geared towards giving you free spins, wilds, scatters and a Superbet that dramatically increases your chance of getting more wilds within your fingertips. In actuality, the slots game pays out often, which is rather appealing to players who tend to get bored from repetitive spins with little to less frequent payout. There is also a second edition of the game within the circulation of the slots gaming community “Foxin Wins Again slot machine.”

If not obviously aberrant from the implication in the title, the main theme is geared around a fox. Behind the reels is the fox’s mansion which is decorated in lavish decor and furniture. Some of the elements that display the sheer prosperity of the fox’s lavish style of life include elements in the background such as a Mansion, Red Drophead Car, Bank Notes, and a flagrant Gold Fountain. In Fox’s Mansion, you will encounter his many friends who pop up as you play and change some of the symbols on the reels into wilds to increase your winning potential. Now it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, the evil leprechaun will occasionally show up to wreak havoc on the reels as you spin away, but if you can catch him in his acts of calamity you will be rewarded greatly.

The fox happens to be the wild card symbol and will thus substitute all other symbols except the scatter icon. Using this as a strategy can greatly benefit you in your attempts to win the game. In fact, five wilds in one spin will reward you with a bonus of 2,000 coins.

As mentioned several times before, there Is a scatter symbol that when activated can lead to free spin rounds. The Gold and Pots symbols are justified as the scatter icons and if you manage to get 3 or more you are eligible to attain up to 10 free spins! The best part is all earnings during the free spin rounds are doubled, to increase your earning potential.

There are also two random features activated without warning to help you earn more. The first random generated event is the Leprechaun Shakedown which once again, is triggered at random and is not up to the player’s response. When activated you will have to chase the crafty Leprechaun to catch him and shake him to down to earn coins for your coffer.

Foxy Funds is the second random generated event that you are sure to enjoy. It is available after a successful launch of a payout. This bonus will add more coins to your payout as well as the Leprechaun Shakedown. Although it is impossible to generate a general predicted estimate of earning potential with a game that includes randomly generated events, it can be assured you are likely to see this feature on multiple occasions if you keep playing the game in a standard playing session.

Fox Pups pop up on occasion as well to incur more symbols as wilds to employ the Superbet feature to allow you to increase your winning potential by turning icons into wild card symbols. Thereby, giving you more Fox Pups to turn into more wild card symbols. To activate and employ the Superbet feature, you simply add an extra bet via the sliding lever on the right-hand side of the gaming interface, add an extra bet and increase your chances of walking away with more coins than fathomed.

The coin ranges are set from an approximate range of .01 to 2.00 with a maximum bet of 50.00 coins per spin including the Superbet feature. Foxin Wins is considered what is labelled as a “Loose Slot,” because it pays out a lot and pays out frequently in respect to other slots games. The special features are not activated by choice but at random and thus, place a mystical approach to earning potential, but loose pay outs make up for this and even out the odds of winning big. It isn’t uncommon for a player to sit binge spinning for hours on end because credits seem to stack up in amass amounts the more you play.

Foxin Wins is a game that can be played for hours on end in a seemingly never-ending adventure of entertainment for the slot gamer. The best per line, balance information and total bet are indicated on the gaming interface for your convenience. If you are a rebel and do things like play slots games at work while your boss isn’t looking, have no fear, the audio feature is optional to be employed or dismayed in mute. With free spins and randomly generated bonuses, this game is a must for any serious slots gamer who wants to be submerged into a world of entertainment.

Nextgen Gaming was founded in 1999, and thus has employed all effort into the player experience to create a gaming environment like non-others and a player experience that is second to none in the slots gaming industry.