Differences Between Video and Classic Gaming Slot Machines

In the gaming industry, you are likely to find various gaming slot machines. Among this physical gaming, slots are the video as well as the classic slot technologies. For those familiar with betting exercises this may not be daunting. Nevertheless, for those who are new in the gaming industry, there is a need to differentiate between these two betting slot machines. This article herein discusses some of the differences between the video and classic casino betting slot machines.

The Number of Reel Used

To begin with, one of the major differences between the two slots is the number of reels they use. Classic betting slot machine games are played using three reels and nearly similar to the first slot games. Mostly, classic slots are referred to as fruit machines subject to symbols used on the reels. On the other hand, videos slot gaming machine uses five or more reels in the casino games.

Number of Paylines

The second difference is that several classic betting slot machine playoffs are gamed using one pay line that runs past the middle of the reels. On the contrary, video betting slot machines are played using many pay lines at times even 1,024 lines. But then again it is not a wonder for some classic slot machines to have about five pay lines. Nevertheless, they hardly surpass those of the video gaming slots.

What are the Special Icons?

Thirdly, when it comes to special icons typically, more classic gaming slot machines lack special features as well as icons. But then again, multipliers or wilds might look like a few of classic machines. Usually, these slots are set aside for the video slot machines. For that reason, video betting slots tend to have special features compared to those in classic machines. Also, video slots have typical paying symbols compared to the ones found in classic machines.

Who Provides Bonus Rounds?

Also, another difference comes in when providing bonus games. Having stated the special features of the two slot machines it is also typical to consider bonus rounds. Normally, bonus games are held in reserve for video machines. For that reason, video slots may have various bonus rounds especially if the manufacturer decides to involve them. For classic gaming slots simply cannot carry out bonus games.

Which Machine Has Got Jackpots?

In addition to the differences, when it comes to jackpots a classic betting slot machine is likely to contain a progressive bonanza but on the contrary, the machine has none. Besides, in classic machines, gamers may need to win on particular pay lines having certain symbols to measure the jackpot. On the other hand, for video gaming slot machines the progressive jackpots are likely to be won randomly. In addition to that, one is likely to win more money with a video slot machine than in classic slots.

The Themes and Imagery

The other major difference between the classic and the video betting slot machines is based on their themes as well as imagery. More classic slot machines do lack particular themes and instead of providing standard slot symbols as imagery. Some of the classical machine symbols offered here are bells, fruits, bars as well as sevens. On the other hand, video gaming slot machines tend to have high-gaming card features as their symbols. But then again they may contain a variety of symbols that have many themes. In conclusion, classic betting slot machines are not well themed compared to video slot machines.


In terms of entertainment video slot machines are more enjoyable then the classic slot gaming. This is usually determined by the mode of gaming. Again, video machines are modified to be entertaining while classic gaming slots are designed to be daunting. This is made possible following the immersive bonuses as well as icons rounds. Video slot machines as stated above have different themes as well as imagery thus entertaining. It becomes more fun when you leave the gaming casino with more money than you had initially. The complexity of video betting slot machines offers a variety of attractive gameplays compared to the classic slots.

Flexibility in Selecting Stake Size

The video slot machine is more flexible compared to the classic slot machine. Depending on the video slot you happen to select the number of pay lines you need. Hence you can regulate the total stakes to fit your budget as you enjoy chances of winning many games. This is typically a benefit that can only be provided by a multi-pay lines games. For that reason, since video slot machines offer about 1,024 pay lines you only need to select the lines you want to play for you to win. This increases your stake size.

Machine Speed

Another difference to consider between the classic and video gaming slot machines is the speed required to receive the outcomes. Classic games normally run slower and provide less profit to the casino compared to games played in video slot machines. To emphasis this, with classic betting slots you cannot put in $20 and keep on rotating the reels instead you hand-feed each bet at a time. In the past, this was not a big problem, but with the invention of video slots, they started to realize the more cash they could earn. This is because with video slots game no playing coin by coin instead you put in your bill and is converted to credits.

Technological Differences

Mechanical reels as well as single-line slots do not provide more options for the manufacturers to make the machine. Thus classic gaming slots lack the active themes casino games have today. Thus mechanical design limits the effective operation of the classic gaming slot machines. On the other hand, video betting slots make use of the merits that computer technology provides. For that reason, video gaming slot machines offer most winning possibilities as well as maximizing casino’s benefits.

Magnitude of Disruption

Most players choose a smooth betting experience. They prefer placing bets and waiting for the outcomes not placing the coins now and then. Classic gaming slots machines have this challenge since their bets are hand-fed. On the other hand, video betting machines allows the player to insert the cash as well as nonstop play till your credits ends. Also, video machines lack many interruptions since they do not have coin hoppers instead they print out tickets.